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Mississippi Biking Trails

Bike Trails in Mississippi

Discover Mississippi by bike with its miles of biking trails and roadways suitable for biking throughout the state. Explore coastal marshes, parks, river valleys, quaint historic villages, winding roads, nature areas, diverse topography, quiet countrysides and peaceful towns. Follow all traffic laws. Take safety precautions. Enjoy your trip.

You can bike on all State Park roads.

Caution: Many bike trails are also traveled by vehicles.

The Natchez Trace Parkway Scenic Trail is over 300 miles. It is a national parkway and has a diverse topography. There are nature trials, camping areas and historic sites along the way.

The Mississippi River Trail is 300 miles. Use caution when biking this path as it uses existing roads that are traveled by vehicles too. It should only be used by experienced long distance bikers.

Hills Region

The Corinth Hiking and Biking trail is 20 miles long and starts in downtown Corinths. It passes through historic areas.

J.P.Coleman State Park, near Luka, has park roads that follow the Tennessee River and Pickwick Lake.

Fruit Loop Trail, near Pontotoc, is a 5.5 mile mountain biking trail that is challenging.

Elvis Presley Lake area, near Tupelo, has a 9 mile biking trail.

Rowan Oak Trail, near Oxford, is a 3.5 mile biking trail traveling through woods.

Trace State Park, near Belden, has 25 miles of mountain biking trails that travel through rugged terrain and forests.

Pines Region

Tombigbee National Forest Noxubee Crest Trail, near Ackerman, is a 26 mile mountain biking trail that is challenging due to the rugged terrrain.

Bonita Lakes, near Meridian, has a 7 mile mountain biking trail with extended hills and winding downhills.

Clarkco State Park, near Quitman, has a 5 mile mountain biking trail.

Lake Lowndes State Park, near Columbus, has a 5 mile mountain biking trail.

DeWayne Hayes Recreation Area, near Columbus, has mountain biking trails located on Columbus Lake.

Delta Region

The Delta National Forest, near Rolling Fork, has 50 miles of biking trails. Caution: this is a hunting area.

Great River Road State Park, near Rosedale, has biking trails along the Mississippi river.

Capital River Region

Homochitto National Forest, near Meadville, has 23.7 miles of mountain biking trails that travel through forest, lake ages and wilderness areas.

Vicksburg National Millitary Park, near Vicksburg, has 15 miles of biking trails that travel through this historic site, over hills, overlooks Mississippi and through fields.

Windsor Ruins Loop, near Port Gibson, is a 33 mile of biking trail that travel through hillly terrain.

Coastal Region

DeSoto National Forest, near Wiggins, has 19 miles of biking trails that travel through national forest.

Longleaf Trace is a 40 mile backcountry trail between Prentiss and Hattiesburg. Share this trail with hikers and horseback riders.

Adventure Cycling Association Southern Tier Route starts in California and ends in Florida, crosses through Mississippi's Coast.